Zipline through the jungle in Costa Rica

“Don’t move! There is a snake right beside you that can kill you in 7 seconds.” the guide said before he took it away with a stick and pulled my sister away in the zipline through the jungle.

This happend when my sister Elisa was studying Spanish and volunteering in Costa Rica for 4 months. In the Christmas holiday,  we flied down to see her and this beautiful country for 2 weeks. She showed us here favorite places, first up in the mountain to La Fortuna and then to the beach in Tamarindo. In Tamarindo we got to try ziplining through the jungle.

We didn’t got to see the poisoned snake, but maybe that was for the best. The tour began with getting the climbing gear and some introductions. Then we tried an easy zipline close to the ground to get comfortable. Some monkeys was climbing around in the trees, curious and shy. We walked through the jungle to get higher up, and then we got to try longer and higher ziplines.  We tried one zipline after another. I even got to hang upside down! It was so fun!

What is the most fun zipline you have tried?

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