Work and travel: Why Rebekka took a yoga course in India

To find a combination with work and travel can be hard, especially when you want to travel all the time. But the opportunities is there, we just have to see it. My cousin, Rebekka Nerhovde, solves this problem by working as a musical artist and a yoga teacher.

Rebekka embraces life and works hard to achive her goals and dreams. She loves to travel and is now on a 5 month journey around Asia. In November – December 2016, the trip began with a yoga course at Kranti Yoga in Goa, India. I interviewed her about the yoga course, and how she works and travel at the same time.

Yoga at Jamu Surf Lodge. Photo by Dina Danielsen
How do you combine work and travel?

To be able to travel for a longer period of time, I need to combine work and travel.  And because yoga is a big passion of mine, I figured it was a perfect combination to be a yoga teacher while I’m traveling. At the moment I am teaching yoga at “Jamu Surf Lodge” in Sri Lanka, and love it.

At home I’m working as a dance teacher, and with children show and show school for 2Entertain and Color Line. I mostly work during the vacations and holidays, which makes it easier for me to plan my trips. Beside this I do freelance events within show business.  I try to attend as many auditions as possible when I’m back home in Norway, as it is important to keep the head in the game, and my “audition muscle” in shape.

Why did you start with yoga?

In a busy daily life as a freelance musical artist, I wanted something that made me slow down and relax, remembering to breath and live in the moment. I found this in yoga. Yoga is a place where I don’t need to impress anyone, but just be.

Why did you choose to be a yoga teacher (YTT)?

I love that yoga fits so well with traveling. All I need is myself and a mat. I decided to become a yoga teacher when my boyfriend and a couple of other friends bought a land and started building a Surf and yoga retreat in Gurebabila, Sri Lanka. In this way yoga teacher naturally became my role, and my way to contribute in the project.

How much experience with yoga did you have before you took the course to be an intructor?

I started with yoga during my musical education 5 years ago. At that time it was more sporadically, now it has become a passion while travelling. To get well prepared for the course, I did yoga 5-7 times a week the last 9 months before my YTT course.

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Kranti Yoga in Goa. Photo: Henning Jahn
Why India?

Yoga comes from India, and I wanted to go to a place where yoga was a part of the culture. Yoga is not only fitness and meditation in India, Iike it often is for us in Europe. In India yoga is a lifestyle and this fascinates me.

What was special about attending to a yoga course?

It was very special to meet so many wonderful people from the whole world. We got connection from day 1, all having yoga as a passion. The course was 25 days with many hours of yoga practise and theory every day. We spent all day together doing yoga, eating, sunbathing, laughing, crying and talking. It was also very nice to be in totally silence with new people. It was weird how much energy 1 hour of silence or meditation could give.

Rebekka Nerhovde at Kranti Yoga in Goa. Photo: Henning Jahn
What was the hardest part of the yoga course?

The hardest part for me was to listen to my body, not pushing my self to hard when my body was tired. It was a lot of physical exercise every day, and one day I got a neck crick because I pushed myself to hard doing “chakrasana” when my body screamed “take it easy”. After that I learned to listen to my body and not my brain. Sometimes the brain want something your body can’t handle.

So, what is the dream for your future?

I want to continue my wonderful job both in Norway and while traveling the world. Hopefully I can also start expending, taking more yoga courses, and even bringing in more music, holding small conserts, “Jam nights” and having dance classes at different hostels and hotels around the world. That, would be my dream!

If you want to follow Rebekka on her journey, her instagram account is @bekks89 .


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