Weird experiences on the beach

Weird experiences on the beach Havana Cuba

There is a lot for weird things happening when I am traveling alone, and often when I least expect it. But I take them with a smile and can have fun telling people later. Now I will tell you about some weird experiences I have had when going alone to the beach. The only thing I wanted was to relax and tan, and here is 4 weird experiences I got from the last year.


Bad English or just bad geography?

A French guy sat beside me at the beach and asked if I speak English. Yes, I said. Then he tried to understand where I was from 3 times. “Where are you from?” “You are American?” “You live on Hawaii?”. I said Norway all the times, but I don’t think he got it.
“Do you want heat?” Was also a shortcut for “Do you want to eat?” A little bit later. For a long time, he sat beside me with his t-shirt and shorts on. After a while, I just walked away.

Tourist in Cancun, Mexico, March 2017


Masturbating on the beach

Recognised a weird behavior from a man beside me on the normal public beach. The first time I looked his way, I though he was fixing his swimming wear in a weird way or taking sunscreen between his tights. Then he went to the sea, got up again and continued. He was behaving more inappropriate than I first though.
After a while it was enough. I looked directly at him and said:
“If you are gonna masturbate, can you please go somewhere else?”
He took his stuff fast together, said “yeah yeah”, and walked away.

Tourist in Havana, Cuba, February 2017


Got offered boat trip on a nudist beach

In Miami I tested out a nudist beach for the first time in my life. It acted totally normal and nothing special actually happen before I was about to leave the beach. Then a man was following me and offered me to join him on a boat trip with champaign. My first thought was «No», but I followed my second though that was «Why not? It can be nice with Champaign and a boat ride in Miami». He walked back to get his stuff and clothes on before we met with his car that had a sign that said «Dive naked». It was not a secret. This man was a real nudist.

Read the whole story about my day as a nudist here.

Local in Miami, USA, February 2017


The guy that never left

After a long bus ride, I went down to the beach to just lay down and relax. It was only a few tourists there tanning and some locals walking with the sea. After a short while I got company by a local guy who was sitting down next to me and began to talk. Fair enough, I answered and was nice. It started to be annoying when he wanted to be my husband. No matter what I said, he never wanted to leave. I was totally clear and said “I want to be alone, can you please walk away?”, and in the end he was finally going. Then a new guy came. It was so clear that it was a group of guys walking around on the beach trying to get a girlfriend. Then I walked towards a guy and a girl sitting on the beach and asked “Can I sit with you? I dont want more attention from the guys right now.”. Then they answered “Yes, of course, we understand, we are pretending we are a couple too.”

Local in Colombo, Sri Lanka, January 2016


More weird experiences on the beach?

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I would love to hear your fun and weird histories from the beach too. Feel free to write it as a comment!

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