Via Ferrata routes in Norway

Via Ferrata is a mix between climbing and hiking up a mountain, and it’s a must do for adventure lovers. The activity is becoming more and more popular, so I will now give you many options on how to include a Via Ferrata on your holiday in Norway.

Via Ferrata originally means iron railway and has a history dating back to the First World War where routes were built in the Dolomites, so that the military could get around in steep slopes more easily. Today, it is first and foremost an activity that makes it possible to get up safely with the help of steps, steel wire and hoops.

Via Ferrata routes around in Norway, on Google maps.

Lets begin from North to the South

  • Mosjøen Via Ferrata
  • Vegatrappa / Ravnfloget Via Ferrata
  • Munkstigen klatresti, close to Trondheim
  • Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata in Åndalsnes, close to Ålesund.
    Two routes: One for beginners and one normal.
  • Loen Via Ferrata. Two routes; one difficult called Ragnarok and one normal.
  • Synshorn Via Ferrata near Valdres
  • Hemsedal Via Ferrata
  • Gone Paddling / Herdla Via Ferrata outside of Bergen
  • Tyssedal Via Ferrata in Odda
  • Trolltunga Via Ferrata in Odda
  • Åkrafjorden / Kyrkjeveggen Via Ferrata. Drive from Bergen or Haugesund.
  • Tjøme Via Ferrata / Aktiv Fritid on the map. Close to Sandefjord.
  • Telemark Via Ferrata in Fyresdal
  • Via Ferrata – Helle Camping
  • Månafossen Via Ferrata
  • Trogfjell Via Ferrata
  • Migaren Via Ferrata
Kyrkjeveggen / Åkrafjorden Via Ferrata

Trips from Bergen

Herdla Via Ferrata, at Askøy

If you want to go on weekend trips from Bergen (the lovely city in the west) , you have 4 options. First of all, Herdla Via Ferrata (Gone Paddling) are just 1 hour away from Bergen and can be easily be done in a day. The climb is not very heigh and perfect for beginners. They also have a spider net, two ziplines and a bridge to walk over.

Åkrafjorden Via Ferrata

Your second option for a day trip is Kyrkjeveggen / Åkrafjorden Via Ferrata. It takes 3,5 hours to drive from Bergen, so you have to wake up really early to do it in one day, but its possible. They also have a bed and breakfast if you want to sleep over. Åkrafjorden is a steep route with amazing view. I will really recommend to try it!

Himmelstigen to Trolltunga

Himmelstigen to Trolltunga is also 3 hours away, but the trip takes around 12 around, so I will recommend to sleep over in Odda. This Via Ferrata is quite different from the other ones. Not only because of the well known tourist attraction in the end, but also because you have to bike and walk to the beginning of the climb. Read more about the trip here.
Click here to book a trip to Trolltunga.

Via Ferrata Loen

The most well known Via Ferrata at the west coast is Via Ferrata Loen, which is 5 hours away from Bergen. The great thing about this place is that they have two different routes. One that everyone can join, and the other one that is the hardest via ferrata in Norway. Both routes are very fun and have great views!

The most important thing, dont try the hardest route in Loen called Ragnarok if you dont feel ready. Its crazy and the route will give you shaky knees! However, dont we always want a real challenge?

As a conclusion; Let’s go and have fun!
If you have any questions, write them as a comment.

  • Himmelstigen to Trolltunga
  • Himmelstigen to Trolltunga


Time of the year: April – Oktober (Depends on the weather). Some places, like Gone Paddling at Herdla, have tours all year around.

What to pack: Good running shoes, enough water and food, wind and water proof jacket, wool underwear, thin gloves, bring or rent Via Ferrata climbing gear including helmet and a third safety line.

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