Veronika doing ice skating

The feeling when I am sliding over the ice again is amazing. I feel free and glamorous. Until I am almost falling. Again, and again, when I am trying to do the different tricks that I learned. Then I suddenly did it. Yey! I am back on track.

In my project 12 months – 12 sports, I will now present the first sport for 2017; Ice skating. It is winter time (at least in Norway), and it is no better time to try out different kinds of winter sports and activities.

I always try to get on the ice at least once a year. Many years ago, I also did a course. For 5 months when I was 16 years old. Then I quit, because everybody took it so seriously. I just wanted to have fun and learn cool stuff.

Learning from the best

This time, I got in contact with 2 lovely girls that are competing in figure skating. Silja and Klara from Bergen kunstløpklubb. They were going to teach me some tricks on the ice and show me what is possible. That is how I spent Friday night on the ice, learning how to do it.

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First we began with some easy warm up skating around the hall, making “Lemons” with our feet and did “Crossover” with one foot over the other. I felt a bit shaky already in the beginning, more than usual. Maybe because I was ice skating next to girls that are competing in the Nationals.

One of the girls is also a teacher for younger kids that are learning ice skating. They showed me trick after trick, and were so kind and good teachers. There are a lot of small tricks to try as a beginner, which can look very beautiful and make you look nice on the ice. I think I need some more practice on all of the tricks before I can do it as well as them, but it was very fun! Practice practice. They practice as much as 4-7 days a week. Sometimes many times a day too. It’s not weird that they are so good. Read the interview with Klara and Silja here. I will also come up with a post with some fun tricks to try as a beginner, so keep following.

I felt so bad compared to them. But when they said that I was really good for a beginner, I felt hope. I felt even more hope when I talked to some adults on my way out, who are just practicing 2 times a week and are traveling around in Europe to compete and have fun. So if you don’t want to spend your whole week ice skating, you can always join the adult group. Contact Bergen kunstløpklubb if you live in Bergen and they will help you.



Look at the video from me trying out ice skating with Silja and Klara here.

Do like me and try out ice skating! It is fun 😀
You can also try out Curling and Ice hockey if that is more tempting.


Where you can do ice skating in Bergen, Norway

It is always best with your own ice skates, but you can also rent it when you want to try ice skating at the places below.

Iskanten (indoor) at Loddefjord

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 10-16.00 (Open until 20.00 in the holidays)
Saturday: 10-18.00
Sunday: 12-18.00

Curling is also possible to try here.

Bergenshallen (indoor) at Sletten

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 10.00-14.00
Sunday: 12.00-15:30

Slåtthaug (outdoor) at Nesttun

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday:  09.00-22.00 (possible to rent ice skates from 12:00)
Tuesday and Thursday:  09.00-16.00
Saturday: 12.00-17.00
Sunday: 12.00-20.00

Slåtthaug also have the possibilities to play ice hockey.

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