Top Picks in Adventurous Things to do in Italy

Any country related to history, art, nature, culture and cuisine sounds like a fabulous destination for a relaxing and informative holiday. Italy has all these facets in a beautiful fusion that makes it one of the most sought after European destinations for family holiday makers, nature and art lovers.  But what does Italy have in store for adventure seekers? Well, you are in for a surprise as Italy offers a lot of choices in adventure activities to live up to an adventurer’s expectations. Here are some of the thrilling experiences to look forward to on your Italy trip.

Cave expeditions in Le Marche

Sweeping green landscapes dotted with hilltop towns at Le Marche are astounding to watch.  The region is quite famous for mountain adventure activities. However, what’s unique about this region is its spectacular cave formations. The Grotte di Frasassiisa’s remarkable labyrinth of karst caves claimed to be the biggest cave network in Europe.  Carved by the River Sentino, these remarkable underground caves have amazing stalagmite and stalactite formed through the years that stretches out in countless grottos. Exploring these magnificent geological formations is a pretty cool way to discover surreal structures made up of giant parallel stalagmites, long chambers of caverns such as the Ancona Abyss, and a crystallized giant cascade named Niagara.

Scuba Diving experience in the Sunken City of Baia

Once a famed luxury resort of Roman Empire, Baia was a leisure hotspot for the rich and powerful people during the Renaissance era. Today, it lies sunken at the bottom of Gulf of Naples. However, its charm still allures the thrill seekers as it is now a popular spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. Swim beneath the water surface to explore underwater ruins of medieval city where you can view crumbled structures, mosaic walls and pillars, and statues.

Heli Skiing in Piedmont

If anyone has a notion that Italy isn’t for daredevils, here’s something that will prove them wrong. Extreme adventurists are in for a thrilling ski experience on the slopes of Piedmont’s snowy mountains. This smooth and powdery snow slopes are just perfect for an alpine skiing experience. The best way to get a wonderful skiing experience is by marveling the scenic panoramas of these amazing whitewashed terrains on a helicopter ride all the way to top. Then you can get the ultimate adrenaline kick when you jump down on these untouched snowy slopes and ski all the way down.

Hiking in the Dolomites

The Italian Dolomites is a refreshing nature wonderland consisting of soaring mountains and rolling green terrains, vineyards and quaint countryside villages with traditional Italian culture. The best way to explore the beauty of Italian Alps is through a hiking tour. For outdoor enthusiasts, hiking in The Dolomites surpasses the peak of excitement. It provides 450 kilometers of pure nature, wilderness and crisp mountain air on different nature trails that suit every type of hiker.

Bike tour of Rome

The ethereal city of Rome is a sprawling keepsake of medieval era bursting with art and history. Apart from the iconic landmarks such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, Sistine Chapel, Rome has countless works of arts, structures, and statues that adorn the city. The ideal way to explore these unheralded art features is by exploring the city on a bike. The advantage of opting a bike tour is that you can meander faster through Italy’s traffic blocks, go wherever you want and spend as much time you wish. You can also stop for a lazy brunch or a delicious Italian meal anytime you desire and explore the city as per your pace and flexibility.

Climb to the very top of St. Peter’s Basilica

If you are in Italy, you wouldn’t dream of missing the chance to visit the Vatican city and the magnificent St. Peter’s Basilica undoubtedly will be on your list of places to visit in Italy. Visitors often come here for sightseeing, but if you are craving for a little adventure, try an extraordinary hiking experience by climbing all the way up to the Basilica’s dome. This fantastic hike unarguably will be a cherished memory in your life where the thrilling adrenaline rushing hiking feat, as well as the jaw-dropping panorama, will be forever etched in your mind.

Hot air ballooning in Tuscany

Italy is blessed with an awe-inspiring stretch of countryside towns and villages surrounded by nature’s finest vistas. Floating serenely above these fascinating nature splendors on a peaceful hot air balloon ride in the company of your loved ones sounds marvellous and exciting.  Tuscany is one of Italy’s most picturesque regions and offers hot air balloon rides to explore its charming woodlands, green groves, and meadows, vintage towns and vineyards. Gaze into the horizon and surroundings to find yourself amid gigantic mountain ranges. Once you are back on the ground, enjoy a traditional meal that consists of the finest assortments of Italian food and wine.

Rafting at Val di Sole

Val Di Sole in Trentino is heaven for nature and adventure lovers, packed with pristine mountain landscapes dotted with lush green groves, rivers, and valleys. Due to its varied topography, Val di Sole is where adventure enthusiasts flock to quench their surging adrenaline needs. One main element of this destination is River Noce which stretches throughout the region and has a torrent apt for an exciting river rafting experience. In fact, Noce river is one among the top 10 whitewater river rafting on the world. Apart from river rafting, there is a whole range of exhilarating activities to experience such as canoeing, mountain hiking and biking, cliff hanging, paragliding to name a few.

History surely is Italy’s forte, but the destination is certainly breaking this cliché with invigorating adventure experiences for visitors to gain much more in their time spent holidaying in Italy. With exquisite sights, sceneries and outdoor adventure activities, you will be spoilt with choices to decide on what to do in Italy.  The best way to have a fabulous Italian experience is to balance out Italy tourist attractions with a couple of adventure activities. Guidance from a travel expert will further help in getting rid of your confusion on which places to select, what adventurous things to do in Italy as well as how to proceed with visa procedures at Italy visa application center. An Italy holiday is one of those rare moments in your life where you can enjoy an adrenaline fuelled vacation along with sublime moments soaked in culture, heritage and nature.

Whats the best time of the year to visit Italy?

The best time depends if you want snow or sun. If you want snow its January and February. If you want sun, but dont want it too warm, the best months is April, May, June, September and October.
If you want to read more about the different temperatures and times of year, I will recommend you to click here and read Bookmundi’s guide for the weather all year around.

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  1. This fantastic hike unarguably will be a cherished memory in your life where the thrilling adrenaline rushing hiking feat, as well as the jaw-dropping panorama, will be forever etched in your mind.

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