The pink lakes and Chichen Itza on a 2 day trip from Cancun

Las coloradas in Mexico

“Was the water actually pink?” people ask. And it was. From the first time I saw the pink lakes on a photo, I knew that I had to visit them. The good thing is that there is a pink lake not far away from the famous ruins in Mexico called Chichen Itza and the city Cancun. I visited both alone on a 2 day trip, and here is how.


Chichen Itza

Early in the morning I went to the ADO bus station in Cancun and bought a ticket to Valladolid. I arrived 3 hours later and was checking in at my hostel before I took a collectivo van to Chichen Itza. I bought a ticket at the entry and walked around in two hours with a guy I got to know at the bus. Luckily he had as big love for pictures as I, and we took a lot of pictures for each other and of the ruins.

To be totally honest, Chichen Itza was a bit dissapointing. But that is because I think Machu Picchu is so much better. Chichen Itza is still part of  the new 7 wonders of the world, so it is cool to have been there and seen it.

Chichen Itza near Valladolid in Mexico

The pink lakes – Las Coloradas

The pink lakes is named Las Coloradas and is near Rio Lagartos. Many people are staying there one night, but its also possible as a day trip. The guy from the day before had the same plan as me, so we went to the lakes together.

To go from Valladollid to Las Coloradas, we first had to take a bus to Tizimin and then a new bus Rio Lagartos or shared taxi to directly to Las Coloradas. We decided to share a taxi with some guys from the bus station. To see the lakes and get to know more about it, we bought a tour on motorbikes. I dont know why, but I feel so cool when Im sitting on a motorbike.

Las coloradas in MexicoWhat I learned was that they actually made salt in the lakes, and took the salt from one lake to another.  The lake that was most pink was the last stop. When I took my hand down to the bottom, I could feel the salt. I brought a hand of salt crystals with me as a souvenir. They was so beautiful!

Las coloradas in Mexico
The guide also showed us this weird animal and the pink flamingoes. Did you know that the flamingoes are pink because they eat algae with pigments? Las coloradas in MexicoAfter looking at the pink lakes, collecting salt and taking a wonderful swim in the most turquoise lake we found it was time to end the day. We found a local restaurant and got a big fish each fried with head and everything. 6 hours later in different buses, I was back in Cancun.


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