Stand up paddling (SUP) in Hopkins

SUP in Hopkins

It is always nice to try some new sports. SUP (Stand Up paddling) is a sport that has been more and more popular the last years. You have probably seen pictures of people doing yoga on big surfboards on Instagram, but normally people use them for stand up paddling.

After searching after stuff to do in Hopkins (Belize), I got in contact with Martin from He was going to take me out on a half day tour on the SUP and I was really looking forward to it. I had only tried SUP one time before in 15 minutes, but it couldn’t be that hard.

We began to drive to a calm river where he placed the boat with the SUP boards in the water.
“Is it here we are going to do Stand up paddling?” I asked.
“I used to do it here in the beginning, 3 years ago, but many people were afraid of crocodiles, so I found a new place” He said and drove the boat down the river. It could be a bit scary if I saw a crocodile right beside me on my SUPĀ board, but I would have loved to see one from the boat. Sadly enough, I wasn’t that lucky.

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He drove us to an island outside of Hopkins where the sea was calm, and said that I had to take a lot of sunscreen on and drink much water before we began. I started to have the balance on my knees before I a short time after got to stand up. It felt almost like I was standing alone in a canoe and had to take the paddle from side to side to not go around in a circle. Martin showed me how to paddle straight and turn, and the rest was practise and fun.


Don’t be scared of trying

The speed was low and we had a chill trip around some islands. When I asked him if people normally could stand on the board or if people were falling off a lot, he said that it was only a few who was falling off a lot. Most of the people was standing on the board all the time. The sea was very calm in this area, but I guess it’s harder if it’s a lot of waves.

It was very shallow on many of the places we went, so small fish was swimming under us and we even saw a barracuda. On some places we also saw a lot of red and yellow starfish. They are so beautiful! When we were sweating to much, we found a place with ground of sand and took a refreshing swim.



In the end it was time to try a headstand. I knew it was harder than on land, so I did it as carefully as I could. One step at a time. First find the balance with hands and head before I very slowly tried to raise my feets a little bit up from the ground. The first times I got down again. I knew I would have fallen into the sea. The third time, I got to straighten my feets to the sky. Yey! I wasn’t totally happy with the picture, so I did it twice.

It was now the time to get into the boat again. We took a short trip over to a place he take customers for snorkeling if they ask for it, and took a last swim before we were heading back.

SUP was fun to try and its a nice thing to try at hot places like Belize. Because then you can actually enjoy falling into the water if you loose the balance.


How to book a SUP tour in Hopkins

Contact Martin at if you want a nice SUP tour in Hopkins, Belize.


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