Sunrise at Adam’s peak

You’re actually never alone when you’re a solo backpacker.  You always have many friends around you, you just dont always the same route.
With my new friends I got to know in Ella, I was on my way to Adam’s peak. At Hotton train station l accidently run into the girls from Switzerland that I met on the tea factory in Ella too, because of change of plans. We were a nice group that was going to walk all the 5500 stairs up to Adam’s peak that night.
We started 2:45 at night from our hostel. At the entry we took a group photo, and 1 hour and 50 minutes later me and James, one of the english guys, were at the top! The normal time is around 2,5 hours, so we were pretty happy about our time. When everyone was arrived the top a short time later, we were ready to se the sunrise. We just had to wait for an hour. The sunrise was totally amazing!
8 o’clock we were all down at the hostel again to eat some breakfast.
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Bring warm clothes, water, snacks and  money. Its cold waiting at the top before the sun goes up. You can even bring a light sleeping bag if you have that. You can also buy snacks and water on the way up.

Go to the train station in Ella and ask for a early ticket to Hatton. We took a train at 09:20 in the morning.
When you arrive Hatton, jump on the bus outside of the train station to Dalhousie. Get some sleep at a hostel before the hiking trip up Adam’s peak in the night.

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