Salsa in Cuba

Is it a better place to learn and practice Cuban salsa than on Cuba? It shouldn’t be at least. Last month, me and my friend Margrethe went to Cuba to see the country, check out the salsa scene and learn from the Cubans.

Some friends had told us that they didn’t spend so many days in Havana because it was boring and nothing special, but we loved Havana so much that we stayed for 8 days. It was something to do every day and the days passed by so fast.

Private lessons in Salsa

We both love dancing, so private lessons in salsa was on our list. Since we are both bad at planning, we didn’t book anything before we came to Havana. Some friends from the salsa community in Bergen had been in Cuba before, so we got many tips about places to dance in the evening and a dance teacher to call.

The first we did on day one was to call the dancing teacher. We were so lucky, cause she lived just 5 minutes away by foot from where we lived, and had available time for us the day after. It was time to learn how to act like a lady when dancing and how to look as good as we can. She was a good teacher, pointed on the things we could do better and even helped us getting a class with guys at Casa del Son when we wanted to practice on the following techniques too.

Her is the name and contact info to our dance teacher in Salsa (+more) in Havana.
Name: Georgia Gonzales Vega
Tlf: +53 54396080


Private lessons in Salsa Lady Styling


Crazy Norwegians

After one night at Hotel Florida for dancing salsa and Bar Asturias to continue with Raggeton, we ended up at an after party instead of going home. When we called the next morning to tell that we wanted to meet her directly at the dance studio instead of her place first, we got told that our friend, our host and our dancing teacher were all afraid if something had happened to us since we didn’t came home. So cute! We are just not used to tell everybody where we go.

Since we didn’t got home that night, we didn’t had so much money with us either. Even the credit card was left back home for security reasons. 1 cuc (like 1 dollar) was all we had left and enough to take the bus home.

It was now our private teacher in salsa told us; «All my Norwegian friends are crazy, but you two are even more crazy.»

We couldn’t help it. Girls just wanna have fun!


Places to dance Salsa in Cuba

Since they dont use internet so much in Cuba, the word is spread by mouth. So when you want to know whats going on and where, ask the locals. Here is a list of places you can try out.

1830 (Mil ocho cien con treinta): Friday (concerts), Saturday, Sundays (My favourite day).
La Gruta: Wednesdays
Hotel Florida, every day
El Canon (near Hotel Florida), every day
We also had fun at Bar Asturias dancing to reaggaton.

PS: Be aware of all of the handsome guys. They are very good at giving you compliments.

When you are tired of dancing, you can always take a day off chilling on the beach 30 minutes from town. Havana is lovely if you like dancing salsa and reaggaton. Just know that raggaeton is more common at clubs than salsa, and that you won’t get salsa everywhere you go.

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