2 days in Rome

I’m walking down the streets in Rome, and everywhere I turn, I see beautiful  buildings, fountains and sculptures.  This city is so elegant and graceful.

My phone calculated over 20 000 steps each day, just by walking around between the most famous places. We would have missed so many nice places if we just took the metro all day, cause the beauty was everywhere!

The most famous places we visited in Rome was Colosseum, Vatican City, St Peters basilica, Altare Della Patria, Trevi fountain and Piazza Navona. The Spanish steps was unfortunately closed because of renovation.

Day 1: Colosseum, Altera Della Patria & Trevi fountain

For the Colosseum, we booked a guided tour with GetYourGuide “Skip the line: Colosseum and Ancient Rome walking tour”.  We got exactly the right amount of history, and the guide made everything interesting and fun. I’m not the one that want to hear a 3 hour long speech about history, but this was really nice and made Colosseum even more interesting. You can click here if you want to book the same tour.

Rome-1968 Rome-1972 Rome-1988


Before I came to Rome, i pointed in the most famous places on Maps.me (offline map on my phone). So after Colosseum, we headed to the direction of Altare Della Patria and further to Trevi Fountain. Trevi Fountain was so beautiful in the evening! To wish for a happy love life, I threw a coin in the fountain. Hoping its true 😉

Altera Della Patria
Altare Della Patria
Altare Della Patria


Trevi Fountain


Day 2: The Vatican City, St Peters Basilica & Piazza Navona

The Vatican City also deserved a visit. Who doesn’t want to visit this place when they hear that this is the smallest country in the world? This time we bought our tickets on the official website to skip the line, and went without a guide. When we came there, there was a guy who was trying to sell us a guided tour and said that we had to go out of the Vatican city and wait in a huge line if we wanted to visit St Peters Basilica. We didn’t take his offer, and was hoping that he was lying. He was. St Peters Basilica is inside the Vatican City, and is easy to visit when you’re already inside.

We missed a lot of information since we didn’t had a guide, but it was okay because we just wanted to look around my ourselves. If you want a guided tour I will recommend to you to book from GetYourGuide before you get there so you know the information, prices and can skip the line. Click here to see the options for Vatican City.


St Peters Basilica


After a few hours inside the Vatican city and St Peters Basilica, we walked the direction of Piazza Navona. This was a nice place with sculptures and fountains to, but not as beautiful as Trevi fountain by night. Maybe Piazza Navona would have been prettier in the night to?



What is your favorite places in Rome? Write them as a comment and I would love to visit them next time.

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