River tubing and highest zipline in Belize

Zipline and river tubing is a different way to see the beautiful nature of Belize. I love the nature near Hopkins, and went to these activities there with Mayan Sky Canopy Tour.

In the beginning of the day, me and two friends from my hostel got picket up and we drove into the jungle. “You are going to do the ziplining first so you can rinse of your sweat when river tubing after” our guide said.

Kassandra, me (Veronika) and Jennifer are ready for the zipline!
Highest zipline in Belize

Normally on a zipline I get 2 carbines to secure that I don’t fall down, but here I got 3. Every zipline had also 2 zip wires between each station, just in case. The safety was on top. It was after all the highest zipline in Belize of maximum 450 feet / 137 meters over the ground.

We began with walking a bit up before we got to the first station. We got secured by the guides, so nothing could go wrong, and they sent us one by one to the other side of the river. It was the most beautiful view I have seen from a zipline. Jungle on both sides and a river far down there.

Since I like to be a bit crazy, I asked the guide if I could hang upside down. I was doing that in Costa Rica 2 years ago and it was so much fun. The guide said yes, and we took the zipline together so he could master the pace and control and I could have fun hanging upside down. He was trying to take a picture of me at the same time, but that wasn’t easy.

River tubing

After some refill of water, it was time to go into the river. We all got life jackets and I putted by kamera into two water proof bags to be sure it would be fine. April is a time of the year with less rain, so the river was not the biggest one right now. It was a little bit sad when I love action, but we got a chill trip down the river instead. We got a bit action a few places, but the river was otherwise quite calm. We talked, relaxed and took photos when tubing down the river. I also tried a pilates pose on the tube. River tubing was a nice activity on a hot day like this.

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River tubing and the highest zipline in Belize
River tubing and the highest zipline in Belize

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