Nudist for a day

I have wanted to try out a nude beach for a long time. I wanted to see how it felt to be totally free without clothes like Adam and Eve on the beach. Would it be weird or would it be like freedom? Unexpected things happened this day, and I ended up in a boat. Here is my story about how my day as a nudist went.

You never know before you try it. There is no better time to try out new things than when you are alone at a new place. I was in Fort Lauderdale for 2 days, and decided to go to the clothing optional part of Haulover beach. I drove to the beach with a nice girl I got to know the day before, but when she had to go 30 min later, I said that I would find a way to come back to the city on my own.

I was laying at the beach totally naken, with sunscreen 50 over my whole body. If it hurts getting sunburned on your back, how much wouldn’t it hurt to get sunburned on your tits. This was my chance to get tanned all over my body.

It was all types of people on the beach. Old, young, big, skinny, dark and white. Everybody looked like they were so comfortable with their own bodies. It was very nice. I can fit in here.

After tanning in 2 hours, I was full of sand and ready to take a bath before doing something else. I walked down to the sea with confidence, well known that people were looking my direction. It was just to act like this was totally normal for me, like I did when I was a kid. The sea surrounded my body and I felt free swimming around without bikini.

Champaign and boat ride

When I was about to leave the beach, a man followed me and asked if I was going to leave already. Then I was offered to join him on a boat trip with champaign. My first thought was «No», but I followed my second though that was «Why not? It can be nice with Champaign and a boat ride in Miami». He walked back to get his stuff and clothes on before we met with his car that had a sign that said «Dive naked». It was not a secret. This man was a real nudist.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I had an idea that he could be interested in something more, so I tried to be as non-flirty as I could. I also tried to tell with my behavior and with what I said that I  didn’t wanted something more than friends with him.

We had a nice boat ride around many of the small islands that are made in Miami. After a while, he took off his clothes again. Totally normal, like on the beach. I thought «If that is how we do it here, I am going to be a nudist for a day to» before I took my bikini off and started to take a new layer of sunscreen on my body. I didn’t say that this was a weird and interesting experience and acted like normal.

He stopped at one of the small islands and we walked around in the wood like Adam and Eve. We tanned a bit more on the boat before I needed to take a break to not get burned. I realized that he wanted something more when I was taking my clothes on, and he came walking to me with a condom in his hand. I said yes to the nudist experience, but now I needed to say «No». I wasn’t even attracted to him.

As curious as I am, I asked if it was normal to hook up with people from the nude beach. «Yes, and I though you were like that too», he said. I am sorry to tell you, but I am not like that. I am comfortable with my body, but I dont want to walk around and have sex with everyone I meet. I also got to know that the north part of the nude beach was the gay part, and sometimes they had sex on the beach too. Maybe not the place you take your children. If it wasn’t enough with a nude beach, it was also a nude hotel nearby. But that was more like a swingers club.

The whole experience made me think if people go to the nude beach to look for people they can hook up with, or if they actually go to the beach to tan and relax like on a normal beach. Maybe I need to ask some more nudists.

He drove me to the beach where I came from and I never saw him again. It didn’t seems like he wanted to be my friend anymore when he didn’t asked for my number, but I was fine with a really interesting experience and information about the nudist lifestyle.

And that was my day as a spontaneous nudist in Miami.

Hitchhiking home

Now I just had one last problem. How could I get back to Fort Lauderdale?
I asked a guy and got in answer that the public transportation was really bad.
Me: «Can I hitchhike here?»
Guy: «Yes, but no one will probably pick you up»
Me: «Okay, I’m trying anyway»
…10 seconds later…
Man in a truck: «Jump in!»
And I run over the road and jumped inside the back of his truck. It was 3 guys who was driving home from work, and lived in Fort Lauderdale.
One of the guys: «Now you can tell your mom that you have met a black guy».
Me: «I’m sorry to say it, but its not that special. I have black friends in Norway too.»
They all laughed and happily drove me home.

Welcome to America. The place where everything can happen.


  1. V-I’m finally reading your story from this crazy day of yours!!! What an incredible experience, for sure! Your bravery and big adventurous heart are truly inspiring. At least you got that Miami boat ride before that unwanted advance! My favorite part: “Welcome to America. The place where everything can happen.” TRUE—-anything can happen and living in fear of the possibilities could result in soo many missed opportunities. For sure let me know if you want to explore something else in the US—I’m always down to join you!!

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