The highest mountain in Norway – Galdhøpiggen

Its not weird that people think Norwegians are vikings when I show them these pictures from the middle of the summer. This is a place to visit if you want to do hiking in Norway. 

Its was in the end of July last year, when me and mom decided to hike the highest mountain in Norway, called Galdhøpiggen. We were looking at the weather forecast and saw that the best day to hike, was the day after. That night, me and my mom drove 5 hours from Bergen to Juvasshytta that is next to the mountain. We arrived at 9 am, and one hour later, we were joining a guided group. The weather was nice and we were ready for a long hike!



The hike was divided into 3 parts; the first part was quite easy and flat. The second part was over a glacier, and the third part was quite steep up rocks and snow to the top

For the safety, everyone had to be connected when we walked over the glacier. Sometimes the glacier moves and you can fall down many meters.


Soon on the top!

The hike was in total 6-7 hours from
 Juvasshytta to Galdhøpiggen and down. It was not as hard as I thought, and even 7 year old children were with us. If you’re used to hiking, you have nothing to fear if you want to take the same trip. Don’t go on this trip if you’ve never been on a mountain before. But otherwise; It was a lovely trip that I would recommend to everyone! 

Me and my mom on the top of Galdhøpiggen
Good to know

When can I do this hike?
From 28 of May – 25 of September

Do I need a guided tour?
If you’re not are a big group that knows what to do if one of you falls through the glacier, YES, you need a guided tour for your own safety.

What’s the price?
Adult 250 NOK. Children 150 NOK.  This price is for the guided tour up to the mountain. If you want to sleep in the cabin, that cost extra.

What should I wear and bring?
The weather can change very quickly, so bring warm clothes! Even when its the middle of the summer.
– Good mountain shoes (its possible to rent that on Juvashytta)
– Gaiters (if you’re in early June/July)
– Wool
– Mountain pants
– Waterproof jacket
– Sunglasses & sunscreen
– A warm hat and mittens
– Food and water. Something hot to drink is nice to.

Where can I sleep? 
You can sleep at Juvashytta where the hike starts.  You can also buy the ticket for the guided tour there.
Tlf: +47 61 21 15 50


  1. Hiking is one activities that everyone must try. Not only giving us new experience but it’s benefits no one can ignore. That 7 hours hikig trip must be exhausted for you but the scene n ur photo paid the price!!

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