Magic ice bar

It felt like I stepped into winter wonderland. There was ice everywhere I looked. This is one of the coolest bars I have been to.

Sculptures made of ice and art inside the ice walls was decorating the room. Even the chairs and tables were made of ice. When I got my drink, it was in an ice glass to. Of course.

“Which one of you were craziest in high school?” the bartender and friend Ismael asked us. We both pointed at each other and laughed.
Extra jackets from the staff

I went to Magic Ice Bar in Bergen with my friend Malene, and we were well prepared with gloves, scarf and a hat.  It was around -3 degrees celsius inside, but it was not that bad when we got an extra jacket from the staff. They had gloves and jackets to all the customers, and you will need it to be honest. People do not stay longer than 1 hour, and that was enough for us too.

“Isn’t it very cold to work here all day long?” I asked the bartender Ismael that I know from dancing. “Yes, that’s why we change every hour”, he said. This bar is open the whole year. Even in the summer. So whenever you want a taste of the winter, you can just go to Magic Ice Bar. They also have a bar in Oslo and Svolvær in Norway. Read more on

Magic Ice Bar is not just a bar, it’s also a museum with art of ice.

Me and the famous painting “Skrik” / “Scream” in Ice.
I think the man inside the Ice got shocked when I offered him a drink.
I found my perfect place in the queen chair!

Thanks to the bartender Ismael for taking pictures of us!

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