Just 900 stairs away from this view

Walk up 900 stairs and you can enjoy this beautiful view over Bergen city. Some people hate this hike, and some people walk it every day as a workout.

The fastest man can run up here in 8 minutes, but if you want to enjoy it a little bit more, estimate to walk up in around 18-30 minutes.

How to get there

Whenever you’re in Bergen, you can walk this hike from the city center.  Put in the adress Fjellveien 15 on your map, and you will come right to the starting point.

Different routes down

There is different routes you can walk down, depends on how long hike you want.

  1. (The best one for tourists) Walk further and take to the right in the junction. Walk next to the lake and hold to the right when you are coming to an another junction. Follow the main path all the way to Fløyen. This is maybe the best route as a tourist in Bergen, cause you will see 2 known places in the same hike and also meet the trolls at Fløyen. From Fløyen you can look at the view over Bergen from a different angle, take a picure with a troll (like all the other tourists), and then walk an easy path down.
  2. An another option is to take to the right in the junction as the last one, but take off the biggest path when you’re coming to a sign with “Skredderdalen” and walk down a smaller path. You will come down to the city center with Fløyen.
  3. You can also walk down the stairs the same way you came up. This is the fastest way down, but you will meet a lot of people on their way up and its not the nicest hike down either.
  4. If you have walked the other routes before, and want to discover a new one, go to the left in the junction with the lake. This is a nice road down, but you will come down farther away from the city center.

    Walk up around sunset to see the sun go down in the see between the islands.
    Walk up around sunset to see the sun go down in the see between the islands.

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