Introduction in kitesurfing

Introduction in kitesurfing at Caye Caulker

Every time we are seeing a kite or parachute at the sky, we are all immediately looking that direction. It is something fascinating about things that are flying in the air. Some people try it after looking at inspiring videos and some people like me just want to try everything. At Caye Caulker I got a introduction in kitesurfing to get a taste of how it was.

I had never tried kitesurfing when I met Kuba from KiteXplorer. He is an instructor in kitesurfing in Belize and Brazil and has been kitesurfing in over 10 years. When I asked him how he got into this sport he told me;

I watched some videos of kitesurfing in 2006, and though it looked so awesome that I decided to sign up for a full course. I was doing a lot of different sports, and kitesurfing was just another sport that I wanted to try. After 2nd day I was already hooked. I finished the course, got my own equipment, and went to the sea side to kitesurf more. The next season I got asked if I wanted to take the instructor course, and I did.”

His mentality is almost like mine. I just want to try out many different sports, and kitesurfing is one of them. All the days was quite full booked, but he could make time for an introduction lesson in 2,5 hours to learn me some basics. Then I could hopefully get up on the board in the end. Normally they recommend many days or a week to learn kitesurfing better, so I have to use more time learning it if I want to stand up on the board for a while.

Introduction in kitesurfing at Caye Caulker
Me, Veronika, is learning how to steer the kite.
Learning how to steer the kite

Anyways, I got up on the board in the end! But first I had to learn how to steer the kite. The practice began in the water. The sea was pretty shallow at Caye Caulker, so we could stand up and control the kite without hitting anyone when I failed. First Kuba explained me how to do it and showed me how the kite reacted, then it was my turn to try.

Left, right, left, right, Kuba said when I tried to steer the kite from side to side. It was all about turning the kite in the right moment. If I was to late, the kite lost the wind and was falling down in the sea. First we began with a small kite, and then with a bigger one. The big kite could get more wind and was stronger so it could drag us around, as we wanted. Before I tried to go up on the board, I got to see how it felt when the kite was dragging me around in the water. 

The funniest part of the introduction was of course when I got to try to get up on the kiteboard. It was not that easy, but as you can see in the video; I got to stand up at least a little bit! Looking forward to try it again later. Feel free to comment with your favorite spot to kitesurf, and maybe I visit that place one day.

Kitesurfing at Caye Caulker and in Brazil

Kuba has been kitesurfing many different places around the world and says that the spots are very different. The wind, the waves and the temperature in the water change from place to place.  Caye Caulker in Belize and Icaraizinho in Brazil has become his favorites and base to learn other people to kitesurf. 

One year I came Caye Caulker in Belize and just loved it. Warm, shallow, turquoise water, consistent winds – just perfect! But like in all places, windy season doesn’t last all year round. Next destination was in Brasil, a little village called Icaraizinho. Charming little bay with lots of strong wind and kitesurfing (or windsurfing) oriented people. Another paradise. And now is the 6th year that I’m traveling between this 2 places every 5-6 months, and I hope for many more years to come.”
– Kuba from KiteXplorer. 

If you would like to try out kitesurfing at Caye Caulker or in Brasil, you can contact Kuba at

I would definitely like to try kitesurfing more, so tell me your favorite place for kitesurfing as a comment if you have done it before.

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