4 fun water sports to try

Do you have a goal to train more or be more adventurous? But are already feeling that it may be harder than you though? To stay fit can be a struggle, but it can also be an easy game if you do what makes you happy. Then it comes; how do we know what makes us happy? Lets go out and try new things! So instead of having a goal that says “Stay fit”, what about making it as a challenge to yourself to try out some new sports and activities in the next year? It will make you happier, more fit and maybe also get you some new friends with the same interests.

Following are some fun water sports you should try!
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Bohuslan - Sweden
Kayaking in Sweden. Photo by: AnnaKika, flikcr.com

While kayaking, an average of fifty strokes is made per mile. This helps you tune your back, arms, and legs. If you have experienced the rowing machine at your gym and has planned a kayak trip as well, you would know the ball is on kayak`s side. You can also fish or play kayak polo to make this kind of work out even more interesting.

Where in the world?

Kayaking can be beautiful anywhere, but here are some nice places to go to if you want an adventure.

  1. Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA
  2. Svalbard, Norway
  3. Fiordland, New Zealand (Read more here)
  4. Sermilik Fjord, Greenland
  5. Vancouver Island, Canada

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Just for people who are not familiar with the concept, kite surfing is the same as the surfing we know with just a few little details change. In kitesurfing, a large yet controllable kite ties together the wind and the surfer. This sport helps you burn approximately 600 calories. It helps you tune your back, shoulders, and arms. It also helps you with correct posture.

Where in the world?

Kitesurfing is not as easy as it seems to be. So try to make your experience worth it by visiting these places.

  1. Nabq Bay, Egypt
  2. Maui, Hawaii
  3. Jupiter, Florida
  4. Taveuni Island, Fiji
  5. La Ventana, Baja California
  6. Caye Caulker, Belize

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Diving to Musa underwater museum in Cancun. Photo: Santiago, Aquafueled.com
Scuba Diving

Every movement in water takes more effort as compared to the movement in dry. While scuba diving allows you to encounter the best of creations in this world and relieve stress, it also helps you out in keeping your body in shape. A single dive can burn approximately 500 calories. And deep breathing technique helps to keep the blood pressure low and lungs in good health. You can also try snorkeling if you want to swim more and hold your breathe longer. 

Where in the world

I have never been amazed at the Mother Nature as I was when I explored the world beneath. Do go to these spots, you would fall in love with them.

  1. Richelieu Rock, Thailand
  2. Shark And Yolanda Reef, Egyptian Red Sea
  3. Blue Heron Bridge, Riviera Beach, Florida, USA
  4. Superior Producer, Curaçao
  5. Cave diving in Tulum, Mexico
  6. Underwater museum in Cancun, Mexico
SUP in Hopkins
SUP in Hopkins, Belize
Paddle boarding (SUP)

This sport does not just focus on few areas of your body. It is a full body work out. Just go for a larger and wider board if you are a beginner and switch to a smaller one once you are ready for a challenge. It will help you not to quit so easily.

Not just physical this sport also helps you to learn how to balance and keep the focus on one thing. I believe as someone living in this era, things like focus and balance should be known to us.

Where in the world?

Following are the places you so much don’t want to miss.

  1. Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
  2. Lake Tahoe, California 
  3. Hopkins, Belize
  4. Abacos Bahamas
  5. Seattle, Washington
  6. Puerto Rico

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Workouts and sports can be done everywhere, and in very fun ways! Why not trying some water sports? The results, both mental and physical will amaze you. Studies have shown that people who take their workout into water burn more calories than to work out done on land. Also, try to develop this working out habits in your kids. Making them exercise from the early age will make this habit permanent.

Other fun experiences on the water can also be river tubing or cave tubing. Thats very fun too!
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