Escape the room in 60 min

You get locked inside a room, and in 60 minutes you have to crack the codes to find all of the keys and clues that you need to get out. Do you have what it takes to escape The Room?

My family and I have now tried this adventure game, and it was so fun! The room was filled with normal furniture, locks, numbers and hidden clues. Everyone was looking after clues at different places in the room and told one another what we found. We didn’t actually know what we were looking for. I found a battery! I found a coin! I found a diamond! I found a key! A key? Try it in every lock in the room!

We opened one of the locks, and what do you think we found? A painting.  Come on! Why did we open such a worthless box? But the painting was an another clue to find a code to open a new lock. And the game continued.

When we found a walkie talkie and some batteries, we could ask for a hint. And that was very helpful! After some hints we finally got to find the last key to the door out. We escaped the room, and we were still friends, amazing.


There is rooms like this all over the world. The one my family and I tried was in my hometown Bergen. Get together a group with 4-8 people, and try it!
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