Diving to underwater museum

I am not the kinda girl that are visiting a museum in every city I visit, but when I heard about this underwater museum in Cancun, it really got my interest.

I got my Padi Open Water last year, but this was my first dive after that. The world under water was really fascinating me and I decided to check it out more on this trip to Mexico. Some days before the dive, I got to know the diver instructor Santiago from Aquafueled.com on a couchsurfing event in Cancun. He was an energetic and cool guy and recommended me to take an extra dive to explore the area around when I said that I wanted to see the underwater museum MUSA.

We got into the boat with all the equipment we needed and Santiago explained what we were going to do. He was also repeating the signals in case it was something I didn’t remember. It was only me and him in the group, so it was perfect for a newbie like me.

Getting ready to dive with Santiago. Aquafueled.com.
Diving with a Stingray, underwater spider and scary looking statues

We jumped into the water and began to dive down 8 meters to the buttom. After a short while, even before the statues, he pointed at a long thing laying on the ground. I didn’t understand what it was in the beginning. Then I realised it was a big Stingray hiding under the sand. I had never seen a Stingray before, so I was really excited. We came a bit closer, turned the camera on, and the Stingray came up from the sand and was swimming away. So glamorous. It was amazing! I also got it on film, which you can see in the movie below.

After looking at some more fish, we came to a part of the underwater museum which had many statues on the same places. They almost looked a bit scary after so many years under water. Suddenly I saw some bubbles coming out of the mouth of a statue! What? How? It was just Santiago who was taking some air through a hole in the statue.

Diving to Musa underwater museum in Cancun. Photo: Santiago, Aquafueled.com
Photo: Santiago, Aquafueled.com

The place was full of statues, but many of them looked quite similar. So after looking at the big group of statues we swim further. Here we first got to see some statues with their head into the ground before we came to a car. He pointed at the window so I should look inside, and inside the car, a lot of fish were hiding. Standing almost still.

Spiders on land are normally my biggest fear, but when Santiago found a water spider and wanted to give it to me, I was more brave. It was so cool to hold it.

Me holding a underwater spider. Photo: Santiago, Aquafueled.com
Relaxing and good experience

As a unexperienced diver, I could not have got a better and cooler dive as my first dive after my Open water certification one year ago. It was very nice to visit the underwater museum, and Santiago from Aquafueled.com made it a relaxing and good experience. Can really recommend contacting him if you want to dive to the museum or other places near Cancun and Isla Mujeres. He always like to have small groups, so you will not end up on a group with 5 other people like on many other places. Contact Santiago here.

Watch this video I made from the dives!


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Diving to MUSA underwater museum in Cancun, Mexico. www.ActiveAndAdventurous.com


  1. This is a cool article, I give you alot of credit for doing it (especially the spider). Maybe someday, I’ll go diving. Haven’t tried it yet, but would like to. The museum is really awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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