Cave tubing in St. Herman’s Cave

Cave tubing in St Hermans Cave, Belize

Mayan though caves was the underworld, and we can all agree that they can be a little bit scary when we don’t know what’s around the corner. But they can also be very beautiful. Earlier I have been walking in caves and diving in caves. It was now the time to try tubing in St. Herman’s Cave in Belize.

St. Herman’s Cave is inside the Blue Hole National park between Belmopan and Dangriga. Early in the morning, I took the bus from Hopkins and met Upsidedown tours at the entrance of the park.

The tour began with 10 minutes walk to the cave entrance. We all got a flashlight on our head and we walked into the dark underworld with our tubes. It was just 7 people in our group, so it was few enough to feel that we were alone in the cave. We walked longer and longer into the cave, and the guide stopped now and then to tell us about Mayan history and some different formations who was naturally made from the nature.


Tubing 350 feet under ground

When we had walked in the cave for a while, we stopped with the river to begin the tubing. The water in the cave was much colder than in the sea, but we got used to it quite fast. The cave had formations formed like many different things like wedding dress and octopus. Everything was naturally formed by the water over thousands of years, and they haven’t done anything else in the cave than marking the path.

At one part of the cave, we were 350 feet under the ground. We turned off our flashlights and everything was dark. I couldn’t even see my hand.
“Now you can think why the mayan called this the underworld. If someone got lost inside this cave, without a flashlight, they would probably die in here” the guide said. And we all was happy that we had our flashlights to turn on and a guide to show us the way out.


Bats in St Hermans Cave



At a point, we also got to a place where it was a lot of bats. Our tour guide told us that it was a lot of different kinds of bats that was living in the cave. The bats brought a lot of seeds into the cave, and because of the nice temperature and water, the seeds actually became small plants. But with lack of sunlight they died after a short while.

Here you can see some more pictures I took on the tour. It was very fun to do tubing in a cave, and it was very beautiful too.

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The cave is big, but I can totally understand that some people can feel a little bit anxiety if they have claustrophobia. One man in our group walked back before we began the tubing because he couldn’t do it. But I didn’t feel scared at all, so I don’t think it will be a problem if you have been in a cave before and feel okay.


Where to book a tour

You can book a tour on They also have some other different adventures to take a look at. You can also book a tour through many of the hotels around.


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