Cave diving: The pit and Dos Ojos

Cave diving in The Pit

Cave diving into the cenotes in Mexico almost felt like flying inside a cave or into the underworld. With a calm breath I was diving with stone formations all around me and into different layers of water. Sometimes I was even wondering if it was something wrong with my eyes, but it was just the water which was blurry and different.

This was my first cave dive ever, or to cenotes as these caves are actually called. Mexico is full of beautiful cenotes, and they are getting more and more popular. I can really understand why, because diving here was something special.

To avoid the biggest crowd, me and my instructor decided to start a bit later in the morning.  I insisted to dive in both of the cenotes, even when I had never done it before. I could not miss the chance to see this! So many people say that The Pit in Mexico is much more interesting than The blue hole in Belize, and of course that was a trigger in my mind.  The instructor said okay and we began the drive to The Pit first. To make sure of my safety and to prepare me to the dive, I got a lot of information about the dive before we began. Then we used like 10 minutes to take on the super slim full wet suit and cover all the body parts. The water is colder inside the cave than in the sea, so we needed this.


Cave diving in The Pit
This is the cenote called The Pit. Photo by Gabriel Garcia Rubi
The Pit

The Pit was a very special cenote because of the depth and the different layers of water. In the cenote there was a layer of fresh water, hydrogen sulfide and salt water. And the weird thing is that we could see in the water that we were crossing the different layers!

We began to dive 33 meters down before we slowly went upwards in circles around the cenote in 45 minutes. There were some dead trees laying on the bottom, and we were swimming towards them to take a closer look. The water around the the dead trees was blurry and foggy. It is hard to describe it, but it looked like waves of fog in the water. The trees also had a white layer around it that looked like a thick cobweb.

Further up we saw different stone formations on the way, but even more of that would come in the next cenote Dos Ojos.

Cave diving in Dos Ojos
Photo taken in Dos Ojos. Thanks to Matt Clark and Get Wet Dive Shop for the photo.


Dos Ojos

Dos Ojos was very different to The Pit. When The Pit was very deep like a whole in the ground, Dos Ojos was more like big tunnels inside the mountain. This place felt more like cave diving. Dos Ojos was only around 10 meters deep  and many people are also snorkeling here because of the air pockets inside the cave.

What I liked the most about Dos Ojos was all the beautiful stone formations. There were many different tunnels to take from the entrance, so we had to follow one of the lines to not get wild. At one point we came to a place where it looked like we could swim up to an airpocket. I gave a sign to my instructor that I wanted to check it out. I guessed it could be a different layer of water too.  But when we came up, we were inside a big cave with a lot of bats. It was so cool!


Since we went to the cenotes around 11 am instead of early in the morning like the big groups, we got to be alone in The Pit and almost alone in Dos Ojos. I guess I was very lucky too, because normally there is a lot of people there.

It was a lovely experience that I will recommend to everyone who like to dive! I was diving with Get Wet Dive Shop and was diving alone with the instructor. To be alone with a diver instructor is always the best in my opinion. Especially when I am a new diver and dont have so much experience yet.


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Cave diving in The Pit and Dos Ojos
Cave diving in The pit and Dos ojos. Tulum, Mexico.


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