Biking at Toronto Island in the fall

Toronto skyline

I’m surrounded by colorful trees, and ahead of me is the skyline of Toronto. Its so much more quiet out here. A nice place for a getaway from the city.

I got to borrow a bicycle from a friend and took the ferry from Jack Layton Ferry Terminal to Ward’s Island.  I was cycling around on the island in around 2 hours. From one end to another and back. It was around 6 km each way, so it was nice to have a bike.

The island had nice roads and surroundings. Some people are living here, but its still a quiet place. I bet this is like the perfect getaway from the city in the summertime. Beach, restaurants and parks. They even have a clothing optional beach! It was a little bit to cold for me to enjoy the beach for this time, but Toronto Island was still a nice place to see in the fall.

Toronto IslandToronto Island

Toronto Island

Toronto Island beach
The clothing optional beach at Toronto Island
Toronto skyline
Toronto skyline
How to get to Toronto Island?

The ferry to the island is going from Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. You can only take a ferry to Ward’s Island in the wintertime, but you have 2 more opportunities in the spring, summer and fall. Check the ferry schedule at the time of the year when you are going.


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