Bachaturo – My first dance festival

I’ve always wanted to be good at dancing, but I’ve never been good at it. With my long arms and legs, I just didn’t had the control of my body. Then I discovered salsa, bachata and kizomba, and it was so fun that I was dancing many days a week! Now I’ve even attended my first dance festival. Bachaturo in Warsaw, Poland.

I think every girl have dreamed about being a good dancer when looking at Dirty dancing, Bring it on and Step up. In a young age, I attended a Hip Hop class with a friend, but stopped after a short while. It wasn’t my style. Then I wanted to try salsa or swing, and after some years of just dancing with friends on nightclubs, I decided to attend a salsa class.

5 months later, I found myself at a big dance festival in Poland; Bachaturo. Go hard or go home. I even took the chance and attended an advanced workshop to learn bachata acrobatics. That was sooo fun!

Here I’ve made a video from Bachaturo that show parts from the shows, workshops and parties 🙂 I’m definitely going on more dance festivals in the future!

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