American cars in Cuba

And here I am, in an old American car on my way from Vinales to Havana. Driving 100 km/hour without seatbelt. It is no cars here that you can’t drive before it won’t start again. No seat belts, no air bag and no EU-proved. When cars like this is on museum in Europe, they are still doing their job in Cuba. Sometimes I wouldn’t be surprised if the door suddenly felt off.

You dont have to be interested in cars to like the view of old American cars. Cuba is especially known for their many old cars, in every color and on every corner. I dont know a anything about cars, except of how to drive them, but these cars get even me to say «Look at that cool car!»

At my trip around in Cuba, I have now collected some photos of the cars on some well known places in Havana and some in random streets. Enjoy the view!

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