Adventures on Koh Phangan

On the taxi from the boat to my hostel I got to know a very nice and adventurous girl from Turkey. I love it when people ask me to join on sporty activities, so when she wanted to do a hiking trip the next day, I was totally in! We got a map, a few tips where to go, rented a scooter and drived away with two other guys who wanted to join us.

We was recommended to hike to a beautiful waterfall called Paeng Waterfall. We began the walk to Dom Stla view point, before we went further in the direction to the waterfall. Suddenly we came to a broken bridge and she was saying; “we can just walk on the ropes!”. This is why I love this girl! It was like I was saying it by myself! We walked many times over and back on that bridge, 10 meters over some stones and a small river. Posing in different postures and had so much fun! When we came to the waterfall a bit later, it was almost dry. It was so disappointing that I didnt even take a picture of it. But it was a nice hike!

A broken bridge is so much more fun than a new one!
View from Dom Stla view point


Bottle beach
We was driving around on the scooter the next day to, but this time we wanted to hike one hour through the forest to a beach called Bottle Beach. The hiking trip was beautiful and the beach even better!


Food from the night market
Both of the days ended up with dinner from the night market, who had a lot of different types of food. We were eating so much cheap food! Go to that market if your travelling to Koh Phangang.

I liked Koh Phangang so much better than Koh Tao. Nicer nature, beaches and less touristic. Cheaper to 😉
Koh Tao for diving, and Koh Phangan for nature and full moon party.

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