5 Smart Ideas to an Affordable Road Trip

5 Smart Ideas to an Affordable Road Trip

A road trip can be more than fun and to make them enjoyable and affordable, here we have five smart ideas. Take a look!


1.    Plan the Trip

While improvisation is the key, planning is what it takes to keep your budget under control. If you’re on a budget and in desperate of vacation you better start looking for hotel deals. First, it allows you to explore all the options, and user reviews are often a great way of ensuring your stay at the hotel fulfills your requirements. This way, you won’t have to settle for hotels you don’t like or pay hundreds for crappy service. Even if you don’t plan ahead of time, keeping apps to track discounted deals helps.


2.    DIY Snacking

If you want to cut the cost of midway restaurant expenses, you should consider buying a cooler. You can keep all sorts of picnic snacks and beverages and stock up on your next stay again. It also ensures you don’t stop at the candy aisle of every tuck shop you come across on the way. It also makes up for lunch outdoors, instead of having to cram inside a diner. You can keep looking out for rest areas, or parks or nice scenery where you can be stopped by for lunch.


3.    Get the Car Tuned Up

Before you leave for the road trip, you need to make sure it goes as you planned, at least on the outskirts of it. And a faulty car can turn it into both, either an adventure or a mess. I’d say the latter one is more probable. To avoid any discomfort, it is indeed a good idea to get your car all tuned up for the trip. In addition to that, a car tuning can save dollars you might later spend on gas. For example, you can get a better gas mileage with inflated tires compared to the under-inflated ones. On the contrary, if your car needs a pricey boost to run smooth, you better consider renting one that doesn’t blow your budget because rented cars are generally in a tip top condition.


4.    Group-trips are The Best Trips

Planning a trip with friends is an effective way of reducing the cost. And traveling with friends is especially fun if it’s a road trip. Using the same car would help cut on the gas costs, and amp up the fun at the same time. Also, there are many sites and parks that cost entrance fee per car and not per person. Similarly, you can rent a whole condo for a group or simply share a hotel room with a couple of people to split the cost.


5.    Free Sightseeing

Free doesn’t hurt. Get active and search up the locations that don’t cost an entry ticket or extra expenses. That includes all the free-entry museums, national parks, and state monuments. Another way of saving money is a road-trip to beaches. If you choose to travel to historical cities, look for tourism offices established by city management and see if they have free walking guide tours.

Don’t forget to bring some good music and maybe upgrade your car speakers; music is a necessity when traveling. Now all you’ve got to do is pack and plan.


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