3 beautiful hikes in Ella

Are you thinking about going Adam’s peak with 5500 stairs in Sri Lanka? Do it like me, and warm up with Little Adam’s peak  and some other hikes in Ella before the real one.

Ella is a small city surrounded by tea plantations and mountains. Plan to have two days here before taking the train to Adams Peak, and you have time to discover these 3 hikes. You can begin all of the hikes from the city center.


Time: Around 2 hours + 1 more hour more if you want to step by the tea factory.

Little Adam’s peak is a short hike that just take around 1,5 hour. You will begin in the city center and walk up a road before you are coming to a big tea plantation and walk up some stairs to the top.  Its a very nice trip to take in the evening the day you arrive or the day after.

On your way to Little Adam’s peak, you will see a sign to a green tea factory. If you love tea as much as me; step by and get a tour. They will tell you the whole process of how they make the tea, and after the tour you will all get a cup of tea from the factory.



Time: Around 1,5 hours

I’ve seen cooler bridges before, so the bridge itself isn’t worth a visit, but the hike to the bridge is cool! Cause you can walk on the railway! Check the train schedule and plan your trip in the morning to see the train pass the Nine Arch Bridge. And you will also know that a train wont drive over you. From the train station I was walking on the railway to the right for around 30 minutes. I was right in time to see the train pass the bridge! As planned. You will see a sign that says its not allowed to walk on the railway, but everybody is doing it anyway.


Time: Around 4 hours

The biggest mountain in Ella is called Ella Rock.  Its a lot of paths up, so it can be a bit confusing, but just ask people on your way, and you will find it! I met a local guy that showed me a shortcut up, and then I walked an another way down. It took me a bit under 2 hours each way. On your way you will also pass nice places to take a juice and to have a short break before you continue. When you reach the top, just enjoy the view. It’s much better than expected!

This picture is taken from Ella rock. The first mountain in the background is Little Adams Peak.


I took a local bus from Weligama that took around 6 hours. There was no such thing as reservation, so prepare yourself to be standing up for a while. If you are coming from Kandy or Colombo, you can take the train. All the local transport is very cheap in Sri Lanka.

Take the train to Hatton, and then get into the bus to Dalhouise, where the stairs to Adam’s peak begins.
Read about Adams peak here.

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