2 days of adventures in the nature of Vinales

You have probably heard that the nature in Vinales is worth a visit if you are going to Cuba. It is. But why? And what can you do there? Many companies has 1 day-tours, but  is that enough? I went there for some days to check it out, and think you need at least two days for all the adventures you can choose between.

Vinales is a small village, but it has a lot to offer for those who like to be active in the nature. Horseback riding, zip line, hiking and biking. Here is how you can get much out of 2 days in Vinales.

Day 1: Biking, Zip lining, Mural de la Prehistoria and hiking.

The tourist office can offer both biking and hiking tours, but I decided to rent a bike and go on my own. Then I could stop when I wanted to and stay away from the big tourist groups. I began the day with cycling to the canopy / zip lining not far away from Mural de la Prehistoria.

Zip lining is always fun, and this time was not an exception. After sliding down 4 long zip lines in the wood, I recognised an entry to some paths nearby. I decided to check it out, and walked around alone on the paths for around 1 hour. So lovely! I bought some water at the cafe at continued my tour at the bike.
Next stop was Mural de la Prehistoria. A big painting on the mountain, which present some old history of Cuba. When I came closer to the wall, I saw that it was painted in stripes, and I could see all the different parts of the painting that was hard to see from a distance.

I always use my phone with maps.me (offline map) to get around. Then I always know where I am and where I can go. This time I saw that it was a path to a cave not far away. I took my bicycle and followed the path. I found the cave after a long time, and decided to take an another way back to the city.

Mural de la Prehistoria, Vinales, Cuba
Punctured in the middle of nowhere

On my way, I suddenly punctured my bike. In the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t do anything else than to lift the bike up on my back and begin to walk. First I met a man on a horse. He tried to call a taxi without luck and said that it was a bigger road ca 1,5 km further, where I could get a taxi to drive the next 6 km to the city. I walked further with the bike on my back, and saw 2 guys coming with a horse and a sleight. They lifted my bike up in the sleight and gave me ride to the road, where I after a while finally got a taxi to the city. It ended well and the rental understood why I was late and was very kind. It was a very nice day anyway!

Horseback riding in Vinales throught tobacco plantations.
Day 2: Horseback riding and tobacco plantation

An another day I wanted to try out horseback riding. I got a beautiful white horse and walked away with a cuban cowboy and 2 other women. Our first stop was a coffee plantation, our second stop with a lake and after around 2-3 hours we ended up in the same place as we begun. At a tobacco farm. Here we got a tour of how they make cuban sigars.

Cuban cowboy after taking picture of me: «Put this picture on Facebook, and you will have a boyfriend in a week». If life was that simple. He couldn’t understand why I was single when I had it all: I could ride a horse, I danced salsa and I was smiling. It was a fun day.

To rent a bike or book a tour in Vinales, you can just visit the tourist information when you get there.

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