16 Things to do in Bergen on a rainy day

What to do in Bergen when it rains

Bergen has beautiful hiking opportunities in the mountains, which I always recommend, but I can really understand that this is not your first choice when its raining. That is why I want to give you 16 things to do in Bergen on a rainy day.

Magic Ice Bar

Do you want to try a different kind of bar? Visit Magic Ice Bar. It is actually more like a cool museum.

Inside the bar, you will find famous sculptures of ice and even more art inside the walls. Even the chairs and tables are made of ice. When you get a drink, that will be in an ice glass to. Of course.

Perfect for visiting with a friend or boyfriend.
Price: 195 NOK, Includes a drink, poncho and cloves.

Read about my visit to Magic Ice Bar here.
Visit the website to Magic Ice Bar here.

Escape Room

You get locked inside a room, and in 60 minutes you have to crack the codes to find all of the keys and clues that you need to get out. Do you have what it takes to escape the room?

In Bergen we have two different types of escape rooms, the classic one where you can book at Escape Bryggen, and Fangene på Fortet where you go from room to room.

Price:  250 NOK and up per person

Salsa dancing

Do you dance salsa, bachata or kizomba? Visit one of these places when you are in Bergen! You dont need a partner. Maybe I will see you there?

Thursdays: USF Verftet from 19.45 – 23.00. A beginner course the first hour. Mostly salsa and bachata, with some songs with kizomba.

Friday – Saturday: The bar called Tonga are often playing much of salsa, bachata and kizomba when they see that the dancing people are coming.

Sundays: Cuba-Norge Dans at St. Jakobs plass 9 from 19.00 – 22.00. One room for salsa and bachata, and one room for kizomba.

Price: Normally 40-50 NOK for the entry.

To get updated information, join the Facebook group “Salsa i Bergen” and Cuba-Norge Dans.
Here you will also get information about other parties and festivals around the city.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun activity to do even when you dont miss the winter. We have 2 places to do ice skating inside in Bergen; Iskanten and Bergenshallen. They are closed in the summer months, but they are normally open from September to May. Visit their website for more information in the summer months.

Here is the opening hours for places to do ice skating in Bergen. It is always best with your own ice skates, but you can also rent it when you want to try ice skating at the places below.

Iskanten at Loddefjord

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 10-16.00 (Open until 20.00 in the holidays)
Saturday: 10-18.00
Sunday: 12-18.00

Curling is also possible to try here.

Bergenshallen at Sletten

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 10.00-14.00
Sunday: 12.00-15:30

Bergen Bubble soccer

To make soccer more fun, play it inside big plastic bubbles. Fall and roll over, and this will be much more fun than a normal game.

The easiest way to do this is to visit Bergen Boblefotball at Sandslihaugen 10 on Fridays after kl. 19.00, Saturdays after kl.10.30 or Sundays between kl. 10.30 – 13.30.

Perfect for 8 people.
Price: 2000 kr for one hour for everybody in total.
Read more and do a booking at www.bergenboblefotball.no

Here you can see a short video from me and my family at Bergen Boblefotball.


Wasteland is a laser game where you and your friend can team up and shoot on each other with laser guns. It won’t hurt and you will have a lot of fun. You can also join with random people.

Price: From 90 NOK and up, depends on how many games you want.
Do you want to try it? Visit www.wasteland.no

Bergenshallen. Photo by Gisle Andersen
Indoor climbing

In Bergen there is nice places to both do climbing and buldering. Do you have the climbing card and now how to secure yourself and others? Then you can use the climbing wall at Bergenshallen, Fantofthallen or Lehmkuhlhallen. I personally like Fantofthallen best. The climbing walls are up to 15 meters high and have many different angles and ways to climb. You can bring your own equipment or rent it there.

If you like buldering I would recommend you to go to Bryggeriet in Kalfarveien 82.
Opening hours at Bryggeriet for buldering:
Monday – friday: 16.00-22.00
Saturday – Sunday: 11.00-20.00

Click here to see the prices and opening hours at Bergenshallen, or just search at google to find info about the others. 

Fitness or relaxation

It is so nice to be able to go inside when the weather is bad and just treat your body well. You can treat your body in many ways with different kinds of fitness and relaxations. I will recommend you to try different things and see what combination you like best.

Fitness centers have normally very many different types of classes that you can try. Dancing, hardcore workout, yoga, pilates, running ++. The nice thing about doing fitness is that you also can get your thoughts on something else and get away from the daily life. Escpecially with yoga and pilates. Maybe you want to join me on Pilates at Actic in the city center?

Bergen Flyt has also a new and nice way to relax. It is called floating and it is like a private spa where you lay down in salty water and just float. I have just tried it once and though it was a little bit hard to get totally relaxed, but they say that it changes after more times. Epsom salt that they use is also known for its unique ability to extract waste from the body while adding magnesium through the skin. It is worth a try if you want total relaxation. Read more and book an hour here.

Swimming and jumping training

If you want swim for exercise or just have fun in a water park, Ado Arena and Vannkanten is nice places to go when its raining outside.

Ado Arena is mainly made for swimming, jumping and training, but they also have a sauna and a place for kids. The fun thing about Ado Arena is that it is possible to hire someone to have jumping training with your group for 500 nok. In this session you will get a lot of fun exercises to do on the trampoline and in a “pool” with soft balls. I almost learned how to take a backwards salto, so this is something I would love to do again! After the training you can go and jump in the pool, up to 10 meters if you want that.

Vannkanten is best if you just want to take water slides and play in the water.

Rush trampoline park

Do you want to feel like a kid again? Take a trip to this trampoline park near the airport. Fun fort both children and grown ups. I loved it!

Price: 155 Nok for 1 hour + 30 Nok for socks
Read more and see the opening hours here.

Other things to do

Bergen Tennisarena if you like to play tennis.

VilVite is a science center for all ages. There is much to explore and you can play there the whole day.

Bowling can always be fun to do with friends. In Bergen we have it on Vestkanten and Sartor Storsenter.

Bergen Kino or Sotra kino. Want to go for a movie?

Gingerbread city around Christmas. This place is super cozy and wonderful. You will always see a lot of famous places in Bergen made of gingerbread at this place.

What do you like to do when it rains in Bergen? 

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Things to do in Bergen when it rains


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