10 Adventure activities to do in Rajasthan

10 Adventure activities to do in Rajasthan

Usually, if someone mentions the state of Rajasthan, adventure is probably the last thing that would strike you. All one can image is various forts and palaces scattered in a never-ending desert. But with this article, you will get to know a new and adventurous side of this state.

As now, on one hand, you can sneak-a-peek into the lives of the Rajput royalty, and go for some heart thumping adventures, on the other. Here, you can soak in the beauty of palaces and lakes, eat good food, get to know about history, learn about our culture and experience the kick of adrenaline. Visiting Rajasthan is quite a bargain!

Adventures offered by Rajasthan can be challenging or simply daunting. So, read along to find out what activities this state holds for the adventure enthusiasts.

1. Ziplining
Photo by sebadelval, CC0 1.0

Also known as death slide, this adventure sport is not for the faint hearted. For those who are wondering why exactly is it scary, well, just imagine yourself hanging, horizontally and facing the sky, on a rope at a height enough to scare the wits out of you. Get what I am trying to convey? Nevertheless, this sport is completely safe provided you follow all instructions correctly. In fact, it is one of the most popular and thrilling adventure sport around the globe. While some nations have people pouring in just to experience this particular sport, several other nations use it as a way to provide an aerial view of the many touristic locations. You can opt for up to 300 meters long zipping lines in Jodhpur, or lesser in Neemrana or Jaisalmer.  Rajasthan is not short of zipping lines, provided you are up for it!

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2. Trekking
Photo by Andrew, CC0 1.0

This is one of those old-school adventure sports, and definitely one of the most popular. Rajasthan’s gives you a lot of options when it comes to trekking. From the fort of Kumbhalgarh (more of a domestic trek) to trekking in the wilderness of the majestic Aravalli ranges. Aravalli ranges is offering more than just one sweet spot for trekking. Here you also have the option to tent as you trek.

The trekking that you can do with the beauty of Mt. Abu in the background or the rough trek of Jaisalmer with limited survival resources. There are quite a few options to choose from. So, take your pick and set out for a blissful tour of the golden land today!

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P.S.: If you really want to enjoy the trek and keep the voracity alive, do not forget to safeguard every minute risk and resource, given that desert treks are known for their extremity.

3. Dune Bashing
Photo by Jon Connell, CC BY 2.0

Dune Bashing take you to another dimension of fun! It gives you the exact mix of alacrity and happiness that you feel when someone in tickling you uncontrollably. Also, this is a special treat for people who are in love with cars, because, and remember this, there is nothing cooler than revving, running and racing a top edge 4×4 (better known as a four-wheel drive) where it belongs, off the road! For all those who are a little confused by now, dune bashing is using all your driving skills and a beasty 4WD vehicle, with altering speed and acceleration, over sand dunes! Remember trying to stand on heaps of sand and yet sinking in again and again? Sounds fun, right? Then just multiply the fun and excitement a hundred times over and replace yourself with the moving vehicle, damn fun!

Make sure you opt for a good Dune Bashing package to be able to enjoy it to the fullest and stay safe. For booking, follow this link.

4. Hot Air Balloon Safari
Photo by Cleverpix, CC0 1.0

To imagine how thrilling it can be to be above the entire city, and get the aerial view of the mesmerising Aravalli Ranges would not be very wise, because you can get the first-hand experience of it yourself! So, give wings to your imagination and board a hot-air balloon in Rajasthan and experience the colourful attractions in, and places near Jaipur blend in the architecture which holds the key to the past!

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5. Haunted Forts
Bhangarh, Photo by Shahnawaz Sid, CC BY 2.0

The perception of adventure can vary from person to person, and more of than a handful of people find it extremely thrilling to try and seek the world of the unknown. The world which everyone claims to have seen but no one can really provide proofs, the world that is said to exist between us and yet we cannot fathom a single thing about it even after using up all our brains.

Speaking of Rajasthan, it has a very old history, and for years and years, there have been wars, destruction, calamities, black magic, unnatural deaths and much more. So, out of all places, someone claims that something is amiss here in this aspect, it wouldn’t be that difficult to believe now, would it? Places like old water bodies (especially lakes, baolis and ponds), palaces, forts, and the wilderness are believed to be a few of the hot spots of paranormal activities, that is if they actually exist. And Rajasthan has an abundance of these.

Rajasthan is also the home to the most haunted place of India. The city and fort of Bhangarh. This place has its horror stories and stories of what happened to people who tried to get smart here. In fact, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has restricted anyone from entering the place before sunrise and after sunset. If you are looking for some paranormal experiences, when in Jaipur, do visit Bhangarh. So, if you are actually looking for some thrill and if you have what it takes, Rajasthan has a lot to offer, just be careful.

You are not required to make prior bookings to visit Bhangarh. You can visit the fort from 6 am to 6 pm, and entry fee is as follows:

  • Foreigners: 200 INR
  • Indians: 25 INR
  • Video Camera Fee: 200 INR


6. Explore the Unheard-Of
Photo by Ramón, CC BY-SA 2.0

Along with the spooky Bhangarh, the state is not short of ruins of the past, all of which have one legend or another devoted to them. Such is the Chand Baori, a stepwell in Abhaneri village, near Jaipur, which provides you with relieving, cool breeze in the scorching heat of the sun, and will send chills down your spine when you will be spotted by a villager who will introduce you to many horror fibs associated with it!

Another lesser-known place in Rajasthan is a village called Kuldhara, which is a few kilometres derive from Jaisalmer. You will want to visit this place once you know that this village was cursed and is deemed horror by many residents of the nearby villages. These may be folklores or actual experiences of the people residing nearby. But these spots are little explored and scantily populated, making them a must go for the thrill seeker in you.

7. Camping at Chattar Sagar Nizam
Image from chhatrasagar.com

Have you had your share of waking up with the noise of the city traffic or chaos in the neighbour’s house? So here is an escape planned for the adventure lover in you, camping in luxurious tents at Chattar Sagar Nizam, in Pali district, near Udaipur. Open camps on the edges of a lake, surrounded by birds singing melodious tunes. Although this retreat is a bit expensive, but every penny spent here is worth the shot!

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8. Wildlife Safaris
Ranthambore national park, Photo by Wildnest Travel & Photography, CC BY 2.0

Roam through the jungles and wildlife reserves and sanctuaries to get a glimpse of the actual wild world, where no rules apply! Here it is a lot of amazing and scary to death animals like tigers, hyenas and leopards. And what really makes these wild safaris adventurous is your mere knowledge of the presence of the actual royals-of-the-jungle, the majestic tigers. Actually, having a glimpse of one in all its heavenly glory would send chills down your spine. Remember to be cautious though and do not try to get in the way of the ruler.

You can book a rendezvous with the majestic Bengal tiger in Ranthambore National Park here.

9. Cycling
Photo by Zach Dischner, CC BY 2.0

Doesn’t sound much of an adventure, does it? But cycling your way through the largest state of the country, within and across the mighty Aravalli Range will definitely leave you spell bound. You can book a cycling tour to the major attractions and cities of Rajasthan, beginning from Delhi, which do include comfortable stays, soul-satiating meals, sight-seeing and most of all, cycling! 

10. Play with The Big Guy
Image from Elefantastic.in

Activities like elephant riding, and such do give joy to some people, but there is no adventure in taming the beasts which belong to the wild and exploiting their freedom in the name of tourism. Therefore, in order to pay back the elephant community, you can book a visit to Elefantastic. Elefantastic is a sanctuary for elephants which aims to spread awareness regarding the mighty Asian elephants and their welfare. The elephant sanctuary offers a Human-Elephant Interaction Program which will give you an opportunity to befriend, feed, wash, walk with them and learn their language. Your visit to Elefantastic, although costly, will ensure the upkeep of elephants and will give you an opportunity to play with the big guy!

Summing up, Rajasthan has a lot to offer, from the grand to the local, enlightening and engaging, from safe to dangerous and more. So, getting stuck to the notion that Rajasthan is only but a place of old ruins is not just. So, why not just reel in the fun. And, honestly speaking, all the things mentioned here are still not the end, Rajasthan genuinely has more things that will set blood gushing inside your body!

Thanks to Humanshu who wrote this article to Active And Adventurous.

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